HP DL380 Gen8–vFlash Read Cache

Today I attempted to setup vFRC on a HP DL380 Gen8 and ran into an issue.

The P420i Smart Array installed in the DL380 does not allow for pass through and insist on creating a raid 0 array on a disk as opposed to presenting the disk directly to the underlying OS.

In the case of vSphere 5.5 this flags the disk as non local which blocks the ability to add the disk to the vFlash Read Cache pool. To resolve this open up ssh on your host and do the following:

esxcli storage vflash device list

This command will help you identify where the issue lies. In my case it returned:

naa.600508b1001cc408c20f7bf6fb2221a1 488354 false false Detected as a remote SAS SSD

To resolve this I needed to flag the disk as local:

esxcli storage nmp satp rule add –satp VMW_SATP_LOCAL –device naa.600508b1001cc408c20f7bf6fb2221a1 –option enable_local

If this command fails with “Duplicate user rule” simply remove the rule and then add it again:

esxcli storage nmp satp rule remove –satp VMW_SATP_LOCAL –device naa.600508b1001cc408c20f7bf6fb2221a1 –option enable_local

After this do:

esxcli storage core claiming reclaim -d naa.600508b1001cc408c20f7bf6fb2221a1

Finally list the devices again and you should get:

esxcli storage vflash device list

naa.600508b1001cc408c20f7bf6fb2221a1 488354 true false Yes, this is a blank disk.

Congrats, you can now add the disk.

Jeremy Tirrell

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