The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

It seems like every time I run into this issue I am scrambling to remember the steps I need to do to fix it. Well here is it for my benefit and for the benefit of whomever stumbles across this.

Step 1. Login to the remote machine, you do have a local machine account with admin privileges right? If you don’t there is a gpo you can create that will do that for you.

Step 2. Connect to your domain controller administrative C share. In other words \\domaincontroller\c$

Step 3. Copy netdom.exe from your system32 folder to the machine desktop. Then go into system32\en-us and grab the netdom.exe.mui and copy that as well.

Step 4. Now place the netdom.exe into the local system32 folder and the mui file in the system32\en-us folder

Step 5. Open an administrative cmd

Step 6. run “netdom resetpwd /server: DCWHATEVER /userd: domain\user /passwordd: *”

Step 7. Rejoice in the praise of your users! “(Yeah right.)

Jeremy Tirrell

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