VCP 5.5 -> 6.0 Delta Exam Information

And here we go again. It seems like just yesterday I upgraded my VCP5-DCV to the VCP5.5-DCV in an attempt to save some money and knock it out early. And here comes the VCP6-DCV.

It looks like VMWare is giving it to us for the bargain price of $225 USD. 45 questions over 75 minutes which is not horrible, although I am getting differing information on this test. I am also seeing 75 questions over 90 minutes. I wonder if they will test us on VCOP's again. Or other barely used technologies like Data Protection. For $225 it is definitely a proctored exam this time. After my previous experience with Pearson Vue I am less then happy with this, hopefully they can keep there systems running for the entire duration of the exam.

Oh Look! A discount:

  1. Candidates who met the original Recertification requirement by upgrading their credential to VCP5:

After you complete the authorization process you should: Register at Pearson Vue using this Promo Code: RECERT65

Exam Blue Print

Whats New

Configuration Maximums

Install Guide

vSphere Client Admin Guide

vSphere Virtual Machine Administration Guide

Availability Guide

App HA Install Guide

App HA Users Guide

vSphere Resource Management Guide

vSphere Host Profiles Guide

vSphere Upgrade Guide

vSphere Troubleshooting Guide

Networking Guide

Performance Evaluation of Network I/O Control in VMware vSphere 6

Storage Guide

Storage and Host Management

Security Guide

Monitoring and Performance

Data Protection 6.0 - People still use this!?

Data Protection Admin Guide - Wow, looks like they do. I feel sad for them

Whats new in vFlash Read Cache

Command line VCenter 6.0 install guide

VCSA Guide ^^

Leveraging NIC Technology to Improve Network Performance in VMware vSphere

Best Practices for Running VMware vSphere® on iSCSI

Multipathing Configuration for Software iSCSI Using Port Binding

VMware vSphere® Storage APIs – Array Integration (VAAI)

And now for the bit that's going to make me CRAZY. More marketing disguised as training:

Administering VMware Virtual SAN

What's New: VMware Virtual SAN 6.0

Virtual SAN 6.0 Performance: Scalability and Best Practices

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